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Tichon van den Elzen
Current Residence: Sint Michiels Gestel, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: Rock (all kinds), 60's/70's/80's, ballads/love songs
Operating System: Windows XP SP1 and 2000 Pro
Favourite cartoon character: Miyazaki Nodoka (Negima), Hyuuga Hinata (Naruto), Watarase Jun (Happiness!)
Here are the rules

1->You must post these rules.
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you
tag to answer.
4->Anyone who reads this journal may choose for him or herself to answer the questions or not. I do not care for tagging, so I won't force people into doing so.

I've been tagged by :iconjaida857: :

The things about me:
- I like to write and roleplay to stimulate my creativity
- I cosplay not only to show my love for a certain character, but also to have fun with other people.
- If it has lemon in it, I will probably always eat/drink it. (Drinks, ice cream, dishes, sweets.)
- I have a definite sweet tooth (and I know it's bad for me)
- I can go for quite a while to sit in silence with someone without it being awkward.
- I give massages to help people. If it's either with actual physical complaints that I can help them with or mental/emotional support that I can give them, then that's fine with me.
- I love cute things. Pink dresses with lace, kittens and puppies (basically any kind of fluffy small animal. ♥), patterns on bags or necklaces and/or other accessories...yay~
- I am definitely a Brony and I'm proud of it as well! 8D
- I like helping people in all kinds of ways. That's what I think I'm good at and what I like to do.
- ...I know this going to sound silly, but I wanted to have a little brother/sister in stead of myself being the younger one. I wanted to protect them, give them advice when they needed it or, well, just anything really.


1. Are you annoyed that I tagged you? Nope, it's fun to do these kind of things. :3
2. Do you like Pokemon? I have played pretty much all of the games since Red/Blue, but I can't really say that I took the time to finish one or spend all too much time on it. Not a huge fan, so to say.
3. Opinion on MLP gen's 1-3.5? They're a bit...weird. Sure, the animation technology and all that are way different from today, but it's still...strange.
4. If the world were about to explode, and you had a brownie, would you eat it? I'd probably share it with the person I'm closest to. Then OMNOMNOM.
5. So you just inherited $5 billion from your now-dead aunt you didn't even know you had. What now? Put it all in the bank and make a plan on what to do with it. What other people need, what I need, what I can do with it to make it worthwhile and not just spending it all without making a difference.
6. Do you look at/read Rule 34? Uh, no, thank you. That's reserved for the people with an actual interest in it. o_o;
7. Twilight: y/n? The books/movies?… Twilight Sparkle? Hell yes! 8D
8. A flying orange that can use telepathy just came into your room and told you to run for your life, and then it leaves. What would you do? Lay my head back down and go back to sleep, silly lucid dreams.
9. Have you seen Hunger Games yet? If so, how many times? Nope. Haven't come around to reading the book neither.
10.I bet you can't guess what number I'm thinking of! (I don't care if that's not a real question) 42?

As said before, I'm not tagging anyone, but I HAVE made up some questions~

1: What does TARDIS and SPACE stand for? (Yes, they're both acronyms that have nothing to do with each other, good luck!)
2: Are you part of the herd as well?
3: Everybody loves cartoons and so do you! What was/is your favourite cartoon? (Anime doesn't count in this case! Only Western cartoons!)
4: If your idol would walk up to you and ask your out on a date, how would you respond? (and, more importantly, who's the idol?! 8D)
5: The book you're reading at the moment suddenly comes to life and you're in the middle of it! Which role do you play?
6: If a man with a wide grin and a strange look came by your house and told you to always carry a towel with you as he prepares to hitch-hike his way off of the planet, would you follow him?
7: Can you shuffle? 'cuz I'm doin' it every day! (No, I'm not, disregard that. XD)
8: What are you a collector of? Everyone has a little something they collect. Be they images of traps, books, vinyl records from long ago or VCRs of Disney movies, you name it!
9: Which country is on your number one spot for a visit? Have you ever been there before? What is it that makes you want to go there?
10: Can you guess the number of molecules on Leonard Nimoy's butt?

Please let me know if you're going to use this though, I'd love to see more people's answers. :3
  • Listening to: Owl City - Hello Seattle
  • Reading: Alice's adventures in Wonderland
  • Watching: ST DS9/VOY, Acchi Kocchi, Tamayura, Fate/Zero
  • Playing: FFXII, ST Online, Bioshock, TF2


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